Our Mission

This time almost 25 years ago, Smitthipong & Rosamond Associates, Inc. was just a pen, a drawing board, and an idea in two minds: Suthipan “Smitty” Smitthipong, AIA, ACHA (architectural designer) and Vernon Rosamond, AIA, ACHA (project manager). After the doors closed at one of the largest architectural firms, these two men pooled their best talent. With a humble start, SRa has grown to a premiere architectural firm.

Creative Idea

SRa offers a wide variety of Creative Technology Services. We are uniquely qualified to provide the most accurate, up-to-date content, delivering the right solutions, at the right time.

Design Team

SRa believes in a TEAM Approach to Architecture. We involve the entire A/E design team in the information gathering and decision-making process.

Project Planning

SRa uses the “Collaborative Workshops”, or “Squatters Sessions”, to gather information about your project from the Client Leadership and other stakeholders.

Full Support

All internal and external communications are coordinated through the Project Manager via email, telephone, and tele-conferences.

Our Services

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SRa was established to take advantage of many years of experience in the design of healthcare facilities throughout the United States by the Founding Principals.
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Green Design

Supporting LEED® in creating environmentally friendly “green” designs.
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Staff Quarters

Rural health centers bring their own challenges, SRa completes the picture with the design of staff quarters and related housing

SRa Projects

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3 step to a Client's Vision

Collaboration Workshop
The SRa team accomplishes our Clients Vision for the project by an initial Collaboration Workshop with the Client Team Leaders and listening carefully and creatively to your Goals for the project. We listen to and document your GOALS, we explore and document FACTS that have to be addressed in the design solution, we listen to your NEEDS and document both the budget / schedule AND your supplemental needs, and we will explore CONCEPTS with you that have the potential of accomplishing all of the above.
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3 step to a Client's Vision

Listen to and document your GOALS


Explore and document FACTS


Listen to the NEEDS

Nothing Requires The Architect’s Care More Than the Design Analysis

The SRa approach for documenting the project requirements and analyzing the information is straight forward. The end results are vital to all when there are budget benchmarks and scheduling constraints. This approach of design analysis is accomplished utilizing the Goals, Fact & Needs of the project

Design Analysis contributes to a successful Design Evaluation

Using the Goals, Facts and Needs from above, our creative Architects and Engineers will develop conceptual solutions that provide alternatives within the budget and schedule constraints of the project. We will initially work independently to do the leg work necessary to evolve viable solutions, then schedule meetings with the you to present viable concepts for consideration.

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